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Default Advice on showing a puppy?

I have fun loving and proud working line pup just under 6 months old. I'm entertaining the idea of showing her in local all breed shows but I have some concerns. My first concern is that whenever she meets new people she is boiling over with excitement and jumps and urinates. Pee usually gets on the person she is meeting and is thrown about by her enthusiastic tail. Before she meets people I'll have her sit and stay but I think this just builds up the anticipation and makes it worse.
My second concern is that she is the same way with new dogs too except she likes to bark at them first. We are currently in a group advanced obedience class and now she only barks if barked at first. Yay, small victory.
She is a little out of control. It frustrates me and I'm still trying to find the best way to conquer such behavior.
Is this normal puppy behavior?
Should I be alarmed?
What shenanigans or other puppy behaviors are tolerated in the ring if any?
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