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Default First puppy we've had in years...

We brought her home from Germany (to Italy) yesterday afternoon. I'm not quite sure what her overall temperament is (she's still getting used to her new environment...pretty certain she's never faced stairs she would go up, but would back away quite vocally when we tried to have her go down.)

Anyhow, we're trying to make the most of training times, there is just so much!

Our first goal has been keeping her on all-fours while in her ex-pen (rookie mistake...don't put puppy in her ex-pen when you're making her breakfast and she is really, really's just too much ) Otherwise, she's doing really good about staying on all fours and not jumping on people)

So, we worked a little on manners (waiting to exit the gate, until she's properly hooked up), rewarding attention when she's walking with us, rewarding her not chasing cars, coming when called...all that good stuff), and then one session just dedicated to going up and down the stairs (whew! She made it down...not sure if we're completely past that hurdle, but we did make it all the way down the 4-flights once!)

I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed because it seems like there is so much we need to work on so quickly. The engagement work (chase the treat) has been a bust thus far (hoping it just wasn't "valuable enough" to her...we'll try again before dinner). We haven't really worked on learning her name, though (we are using her name, saying "Good Kiina," or "Come Kiina" -- she will respond to her name most of the time (I felt getting acclimated to the stairs and not jumping up took priority over her name, because I have a 4yo she can easily knock over...and carrying her down 4 flights of stairs, and having her piddle in fear is going to get old really, really fast!)

Any thoughts/suggestions? I'd appreciate it!

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