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Default For those who have BTDT, is this normal?

I picked up our 15 week old GSD in Germany on Tuesday. We started her on raw chicken that afternoon (she ate 1 leg and 1 thigh before walking away). That night, she had 3 poop drops, and then runny stuff. She did get a lot of treats (I brought a filled Kong (it was filled with some kibble) for the car ride, and she did eat quite a few "treats" (it was all I had with me, and the trip was longer than I had thought).

Today, she is much more alert and active -- starting to come out of her shell. Not nearly as much kibble. She had a leg quarter at breakfast and has pooped twice already today (again, mostly loose...not diarrhea...just runny).
Her next meal time is approaching (we're cooking up some fresh pork to use for treats -- because I think it will be better for her than the other stuff, and we really need more engagement, so I'm hoping these will be a higher value for her).

I'm just wondering how long until her poop isn't stinky and runny...because it's kind of difficult to pick up a pile of that!

FWIW, she was weaned onto something called Pedigree Puppy Pal (something here in Europe, I guess). It was a Kibble.

I'm asking mainly, because if the poop is runny because she's not tolerating it well, I have other meats I could change her to (we haven't started organ meat yet), but if this is just how it's going to be for a few days as things settle down...that's a different story.

She's eating all of the bones in the leg quarters -- and from what I've read, that should be pretty proportional

Thanks for any insights!
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