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Originally Posted by germanshepherd07 View Post
skin condition. The vet recommended some omega-3s to be added to her diet. I got the soft chews.

I also got Dasuquin for her joints.

Only question is would it be okay if I could give her the Dasuquin along with one of the dosage of omega-3s she gets? She weigh 80 pounds so she gets two Omega-3 soft chews twice a day.
I love Drs. Foster and Smith - great company! Yes you can give the Dasuquin and the Omega- 3s together. Curious though, how much DHA and EPA is actually in the dosage of chews? You want at least 20mg/lb of EPA so 1600 mg EPA/day (not total omega or EFA, but EPA), at least. But with a skin condition you might want to add even more.
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