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Default Holiday Cheer...Or Maybe Not

For Trent, at least. Because the poor dog has the misfortune of being... well, my dog. Not much that can be done about that!

On the other hand, the Squirrelcat is delighted by the holiday season, because that's when we set up "her toy". By which we mean the Christmas tree, which she finds irresistible. Between jumping into the branches, batting around broken stems, and knocking around ornaments, she can really keep busy.

Also, sorry for the bad pictures, but it's been a crazy week and I took these in a hurry!

Crazy Cat is Crazy.

And has lots of derp. Note the ornament she has tucked in her arms.

Lights on!

...and on the dog, too!

"This is not what I signed up for."

Woe. So much of it.

Oh, you're displeased? Here, let me help you with that... by putting on antlers! Petco was giving away free antlers on Black Friday, so I had to take one.

Trent wasn't as excited about the antlers as I was.


In actuality, he was actually completely unphased by the whole ordeal. He actually fell asleep at one point, until I left and came back with hotdogs. Dog is a saint.
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