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Originally Posted by boomer11 View Post
haahah i LOVE going through the drive thru. especially when i take the 2 door car and my hand and his face are in the same window. i like watching their range of reactions from very scared to trying to grab your dog out the car to take home with them. once i had a lady tell her coworker to give me my food because she didnt wanna do it. when they are scared i always try to get them to pet him and some do/some dont. every time we go to grandys they always give him fried chicken liver so every time we go to any drive thru he is hopeful he'll get a treat but no one gives anything except grandys. sometimes they'll give me a whole bag.
This! I love it when people try and convert people that are scared of a breed, into liking the breed! My husband was horribly attacked by two GSD's when he was four (has scars on one side of his face)....I am so happy he was open to changing his views on the breed....
"An excess of size is an unserviceable feature for breeding, his powers of endurance, his speed and the smartness of his movements suffer in all circumstances. Giants are never nimble."-Creator of GSD
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