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Hey, so my Anna is EXACTLY the same, very very Barky, and when I first got her at 9 weeks she whined constantly for I'd say 2 weeks straight, that bark is not aggressive it actually rarely is, that bark is a shepherd telling people he is there and he knows they are there I've been to about 4 different trainers, actually most of my friends are trainers and allot of them have German shepherds, for the first few weeks I was so scared that Anna was aggressive and that there must be something wrong or that she was fearful, or nerves like the other person suggested BUT the trainers I met with are schutzhund trainers and the one I actually chose to work with is a k9 police trainer, they all said the same thing, she was confident and just communicating. So I'm not longer scared she's still young for what I'm going to do but- you need a good trainer and a remote collar (I like the vibrating ones, either way I can promise they aren't mean) teach your pup he is allowed to bark unless you ask him to stop, you don't want a bark collar, that will stop ALL BARKING, someone breaks in- guess who isn't barking?? Because you trained him not to! He just needs to learn when you ask him to stop, that it means to stop.

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