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Default For the first time since Dax came home...

We got that look. You know the one. Forgetting you exist because they're too busy watching the dog to make sure they're not going to get eaten. Took Dax with me out to Checker's this afternoon before picking up the kids from the bus. I wanted some fries! Dax was in the backseat, window down halfway in the truck. Total angel. Absolutely perfect. No barking, not a peep. Didn't even stick more than his nose out the window the whole time.

The freaking cashier gave me the dirtiest look. I mean I haven't had a dirty look like that thrown my way in a very long time and I've been known to tick a few people off pretty good. Even when she wasn't having to reach out of the building, she was watching him. He was sitting in the backseat with the 'di da di' attitude going on.

The cashier kept the dirty look on her face the whole time and any time she had to reach toward the truck to give me something or give me my card back, she's reaching as far as she can to the front of the truck. At one point, she reached so far forward, she was trying to pass my drink to me through my windshield. Yeah.... it was bad.

I guess we've reached that point where Dax is with the big dogs now.

I wonder how dirty the looks would be if I rolled up with BOTH dogs in the backseat. Big black Tundra with two German Shepherds in the backseat waiting for some French fries noses out the window. . .

I mean... does THIS look like the face of a vicious dog to you? A man-eater?

On second thought.... if I were a bubble, I'd be terrified!

But seriously...

I think I may take both dogs back tomorrow.... just for kicks. Because darnit! I'm gonna fully earn that dirty look!
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