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Exclamation Barking Issues

I don't know what to do. I'm a bit frustrated and overwhelmed at this point. Kratos is 11 months old, and a good smart boy. He learns things amazingly quick and aims to please.

However, and this is a HUGE however. He is a bark-a-cholic. He will bark at my roommates (not just a straight woof, but there are times where he does the protective wooowooowooowooowoo bark). They have never done ANY harm to him or caused him ANY reason for this. They all have pet him, played with him, interacted with him etc.

He barks at the slightest sounds.

He barks at other dogs on walks (sometimes its the woowooo type bark.) He has been socialized since I got him at 11 weeks. Once again nothing terrible has happened to him with other dogs.

He does it to strangers.

We've been to classes, I've tried NILF I've tried ignoring it (just makes it worse because he doesn't stop). I've tried praising for good. Giving him more attention, thinking that perhaps I was ignoring him because of work or personal life.

If this keeps up my landlord has told me he will have to go because he's simply too loud. He is going to get neutered in the new year, but I worry that this is so ingrained as habit now that its not going to affect anything.

What worries me is he's starting to raise his heckles and growl at people and I worry that he'll do worse. The dog has had a wonderful life. Full of love, toys, walks, affection, training classes, competition for fun. Never been beaten or abused was from a breeder.

I'm litterally bashing my head against the wall, and dread taking him for walks which I used to enjoy with him.

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