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Default Added new GSD to home, trouble adjusting- help!

We were given a male working line GSD because the owner could no longer keep him due to health reasons. His, not the dog. He is trained, is a good dog. I was concerned about my cats and was told he was trained to ignore cats. He's had some protection training, guess that's where ignoring the cats come in.

He fits in well, gets along with our female GSD, but hates the cats. They are living in seclusion, and I'm afraid it's a matter of time. I had one in my lap just so he could get used to it, it hissed, he tried to mouth it. Normally, the cat would teach a dog it is boss and all is well. Not now. He will see them over the baby gate and bark, loudly. I cover the gate with a blanket, but he can see over. I kennel him and he goes ape. I know he's new and adjusting. It's his 1 week here. Keeping him inside on lock down.

I don't want to fuss and correct him yet, I want this to be a fun time. After two weeks we will go to the SCH club to keep him busy. He's not a SCH dog, but has the training.

Any ideas on how to make this work? Other than the cats, he's doing good. He is about 7 years old. Thanks!
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