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I am going respond, even though our situations aren't exactly the same.

About 9 months out of the year I travel to a job site 3 hours from home and spend most of the week there in a 25' camper. It functions as both my office and living quarters. Hans goes with me and adapts perfectly to being on the go.

Usually, if he is in the camper alone, he is crated. Not a lot of room in there for a crate, but it works. The only reason I would suggest crating her in the RV is, while she might do well on the loose at home, a different situation may make her nervous enough & bored to chew or destroy. It seems like anything you have to have repaired in a camper or RV is twice as expensive as repairing the same item that is NOT in an RV/camper
Just a thought!

My GSD lives to ride. He has been the perfect camper and traveling companion. Sometimes our camper is in a rather remote spot and having him with me is comforting and finding new places to explore in the evening, when the work day is done, is really nice.

I always locate the local vet and take a first aid kit with me too.

Have fun-I bet she will love it!

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