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Default Which of these is most suitable for my pup?


Lincoln is a very tall (according to the vet), 75-80 lbs (he has been gaining and losing back and forth within this range in the pass months), 1 year old puppy (can I still call him puppy?). He absolutely hates his food. He never really was a fan of eating in general, but with FROMM dry kibbles, he gave me an evil look when I put the bowl down. So, I have been mixing can merrick as a topper with each meal. With that, he would eat but only until the topper is gone. If I feed him just FROMM dry kibbles, he wouldn't touch it unless he super hungry and he will skim it just to survive.

While I thought he would adapt to it at some point, it has been almost 4-5 months and he still consistently hates it. In the pass couple of months, his weight is decreasing which is no surprise to me since he never finish his food and he runs about 30-60 minutes a day. Vet said he is doing great though.

What I want to do:

I want to switch his food. I observe that when he visits friends house who free feeding their dogs, he will sneak in and ate those like he's starving to death at home. When I asked what food are those they are usually 1-2 stars food they picked up from Walmart.

So, I came up with a few choices to switch to. I read a few threads and got a mix review. I understand that everyone has opinion. I start this thread to ask for your opinion about MY situation.

Orijen - Adult dog or puppy large
Acana - Wild Prairie
Merrick - Grain free chicken and potato

1. Should he still eat puppy formula? Or adult would be fine?
2. As you can see, I rank my choices based on the price. To go from FROMM to Orijen, its going to cost me a lot more. I'm willing to do it if it is worth it. So, does it?
3. Is grain free the right way to go with his weight issue? or is it even an issue??

Lincoln - 12/30/12
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