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Default Puppy slipping on hard wood floors, advice?

I recently adopted an amazing German Shepherd from a breeder located outside of Houston Texas. Her name is Denver, she's almost 4 months old.

Everything is going very well in the 3 weeks that I've had her. However, I'm worried that she may break a leg, or damage her hips with all of the slipping and sliding she does on my hardwood floors. Of course, I try to limit her running in my house with lots of exercise outdoors, however, she's a puppy and wants to run everywhere, all the time.

I have large area rugs in the living area and carpet in the bedrooms, wood in between those. Does anyone have any advice? Should I not be worried?

I was looking at dog traction shoes, boots, socks etc. Any luck with these? I feel like they'd fall off instantly, or she'd take them off herself.
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