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Default Puppy gets bored FAST

I just got a 9 week old GSD puppy and he gets bored VERY quickly with toys. Peanut butter in a Kong I thought would be a sure thing to keep him busy! Nope, MIGHT lick it but not for very long. I just don't know how to keep him entertained. We have been working on potty training and at first he took treats now he will occasionally take treats. (Still having occasional accidents)He follows me like a shadow 90% of the time and is kind of grasping his name... Also, my roommate has a 10 monthish old mutt and Chief goes nuts barking at her when he comes through the front door and bites at her face and back legs which leads to a fight where she shows her teeth and gets real low...They have been in a room and played and just ignored each other but he randomly snaps and just has a fit....I know he is a puppy...Just concerned....Sorry...bounced around on topics...

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