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Default Crating at night; what do do with other dog?

We brought a new GSD puppy into our household a couple weeks ago. We also have a 2 year old who is crate trained and uses that during the day; but is well behaved enough to sleep through the night just outside our bedroom.

What we're struggling with is what to do at night now that we've go the 15 week old GSD being crated. (mind you I do one potty break about 5-6hrs into the night).

I feel its best to crate both dogs as that's the habit when we leave the home, and I worry about treating them non-equally.

My fiancee thinks the puppy only should be crated at night, with our older left free to roam.

Is there an actual school of thought on this one? Perhaps I'm off base.

(Note: I work from home so it's not like the dogs are seeing 18hrs of crating a day between nights and work!)
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