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Question Switching from kibble to RAW

My pup is 9mo's old and 90lbs (approx), and hes been eating Royal Canin GSD24 for I'd say the last 6 months. Although I've never really been satisfied with kibble, it was conveniently easy to buy, quick to serve, and that was that. Now that I know my pup has HD, I'm wanting to explore the benefits of feeding RAW a little more as far as his HD goes.

My questions are as follows:
How do I transition my pup from kibble to raw?
What meats do I buy? Do I buy vegetables too?
How much/often do I feed him?
What is the best way to get his food? Stockpile it? or buy every other day?

These are just some of the quick questions I can come up with. I'm sure I'll have more. I've read and done some research, but every website/person I hear from has a different way of doing it. I just wanna know how the GSD community (you all) goes about it. Thanks!

PS - Will his bad breath go away? His breath smells like he literally ate poop. It's disgusting.
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