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Default 1 year old GSD acting stingy and stubborn?

My wife and I have had our GSD since she was 7 weeks old, we also adopted her sister which lives with my father about an hour away. My girl (Maddie) has recently become rather stingy, she will lay on the couch not near us, if we go to give her kisses she will turn her head away from us. When I come home from work she still goes crazy loves the attention and affection but then she will lay by herself or even just get up and go upstairs to lay on the bed alone.

Now this tends to occur more often after my father has left and her sister is gone so I can assume that may have something to do with it but even if my father hasnt been around for a month she is still very stingy and stubborn. We have a 10yr old Husky in the house who is very all-to-herself so that prolly doesnt help the fact. Husky wants nothing to do with the puppy and tends to just lay by herself either outside or inside. Not sure if it helps to mention but we have about a 1/3 acre of yard all fenced in and doggy door so Maddie can always come and go as she pleases.

Not sure if theres any advice or maybe this is just a teenager type stage she is going through, again shes very happy to see us, listens so well, sleeps on the bed usually with us but tends to not wanna come over to be petted or if you try to give her kisses she will just turn away or just go lay by herself.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I am thinking maybe just more interactions with her like fetch or something, I am not sure, wife and I are kind of confused by all this but maybe being away from her sister upsets her a lot I dont know.
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