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Default It's official!!!!

Dixie my in house service dog in training will graduate on the 7th of Dec. After her performance the night that I required emergency care and a long discussion with the foundation she came from we decided that she had earned her right to wear the vest and join the ranks of dogs in service. The best part of the story for those of you who have been following her shaky progress is that she has been paired with me and will remain in my home to become my official service dog. So now I have the best of both worlds, a pair of companion dogs and my very own service dog to boot!! Dixies climb to stardom has been a little shaky after her run in with thunder, but we have desensitized her to the point that she is no longer reactive to thunder or lightning in all but the most severe storms that are directly overhead. So on Saturday Dixie will go from long term foster to full fledged Service Dog.... She just needed the right handler to really blossom and grow into her calling.

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