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Cool Update on 10 Yr Old GSD/6.5 mnth Old GSD Fighting Isssues

Thank you everyone for the great advice you had all given me.

Oscar (Older) and Roman (Younger - Now 7 Months) are doing much better together now and a lot of problems I have had with them seems to have died down (not completely, but more manageable).

I do not think they will ever get along completely, but I hope they can at least live in harmony.

Over the thanksgiving holiday I boarded Roman at a local place due to our hectic holiday schedule and after I brought him home both dogs seemed to have calmed down. Oscar seemed pleased to have him back and Roman seemed grateful to be home.

I have been monitoring playtime and feeding time and both seem to be doing well with the new regime. Oscar will now play with Roman without getting threatened (even winning at games which boosts his confidence!). I have been limiting the time they play together so fights don't break out. I have been working on impulse control with Roman and trying to direct his energy on objects rather than living things and so far it has been successful.

Roman has been excelling at hand cues (No vocals), releasing toys, and recalling very well! Oscar seems to have found a way to regain 'control' and had decided to enter the house through another door than Roman...I think this just makes him feel important that we cater to him. We have also been taking Oscar on more outings away from Roman, so that he has a chance to breathe a little.

Roman is still stealing quite a lot, but I think this is something he picked up from the old dog himself (Oscar is quite an egg-snatcher!). We are working on this with both dogs.

So hopefully in the new year i can look forward to two happy dogs in my house.

I will continue to update the forum on the progress of my dogs!
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