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So after living in my apartment complex for alittle over a year with Stella they have all of a sudden decided she can no lo get stay because she is considered an "aggressive" breed. Which is fine I totally get BUT I see on a daily basis ATLEAST 10 pitbulls a couple of which are so aggressive that I cannot even walk past them. They clearly are doing nothing about them and around here they are pretty much prohibited in any rental space. I'm am in no way shape or for against pitbulls I just dont understand WHY they are picking on my dog. They told me she had to leave the property and I said no they said I would be getting a 39 day notice. Fibe by me I hate this dump but its still an inconvenience. We are now moving back in with the in laws into the basement. Stella is a pretty submissive female, just really hyper. His parents have an intact male lab who I have see be aggressive before but mostly to males. Any advice on how to introduce them? Keep in mind Stella is a somewhat nervous dog who will most likely roll on her back immediately. But she just gets so freaked out! Any help would be great! And sorry about the run ons and grammatical errors.. typing while I'm mad is never a good thing!

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