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Default My dog has done a complete 180 help!

I have a black German Shepherd who is about 2.5 years old. He had a few problems when I first got him over a year ago, but has been great (with a few exceptions) since. For the last 2 weeks he's been getting into EVERYTHING when we leave. Spices, garbage, recycling, mail, books....It happens in less than an hour and we give him plenty of other things to chew on including a Kong with kibble and peanut butter in it when we leave, so I really don't think it's boredom.

We also already follow all suggestions for preventing separation anxiety such as not making a big deal about leaving or coming home, he is also not allowed on any furniture or even in our room (because of the cat's things).

Nothing has changed recently. His food is the same (he does eat a bit less per the vet's recommendation) but that's been true for well over 6 months. He gets the same amount of exercise, same food, same meds, same everything! I have no idea what to do. We have a dog run 10x4 in the basement we have to lock him up in when we're gone now but I don't want that, he should be able to be loose-he has been for over a year.

Anyone have ANY ideas?!?!?! He doesn't do any of this when we're home, even when we're asleep-he's loose in the house when we're asleep and he's fine.

Thanks for reading!!!!!
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