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Default Puppy Protective?


I have a 6 month old female that has exhibited a behavior that I wonder if I should be concerned

The other day my 22 year old son wanted to play rough with me and Athena got in the middle of us and let him know nicely that he should stop
She barked once and laid her head on his arm

Later that day I was going to tickle my wife and Athena did the same thing but my wife said Athena put her mouth on her arm
Athena didn't press down with her jaws at all and it was over in a second or two

Athena greets everyone when they get home, will lay on my wife on the couch and loves to play with my son

I train her feed her play with her and take her with me when I have errands to run. She is my shadow and follows me around the house

Do I just avoid the play behavior or do I need to correct her somehow?


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