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Default Advice - good or bad, dog loves the baby!

I have a shepard mix (either lab or golden retreiver is the other half), Jack. Best dog i have ever had! He has always been intensely zeroed in on me even though I've perposely tried to have other people care for or direct him. No matter what I try, he only takes commands from me when I am home - if my kid or partner tries to let him outside he literally looks to me for approval or will go to the room I'm in for approval (weird).
I had a baby 2 weeks ago. Before having the baby we visited freinds with a toddler & 6mo old with Jack to test behavior & temperment. He did fine - he allowed the toddler to pull his ears even.

The baby has arrived & Jack is starting to drive me nuts. For the first 2-3days every sound the baby made caused concern in the dog & if he couldn't see the baby(my bed sits high) he would whine until allowed up or until the baby could be seen. Now he only get upset when the baby cried. The rest of the time Jack does check when the baby makes sounds in his sleep(the child is prob going to be a sleep talker someday) & frequently licks the baby's ears, toes, etc. he doesn't seem to try to get between me & the baby -he just wants to set his head next to the baby or be close.
Yesterday I was in the shower & my teenager left the baby to get a drink. When he returned to the room Jack had gotten up on my bed (never allowed to do) and had set his head on the lower half of the baby like he was trying to take a nap with the child. My son said Jack didn't do anything to even make the baby's rest disturbed.

Is this cause for concern? I have the distinct feeling that this kid will be guarded like Fort Knox when old enough to play in the yard I am glad there is no jelously, just constant concern. But it is getting annoying - will it get better with time? Should I look into some additional training of some sort?
My partner thinks Jack is veiwing the baby as a new puppy in the pack who must be spoiled & protected... I'm catching myself getting a short with the dog because of tripping, being i the way & such.
Any advice or advice that I should chill out are appreciated.
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