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Default Starting to bark when left alone

Today I was working to clean out the car before a day trip tomorrow and Havok (currently 4 months old) started whining and barking about 10 minutes after I went outside. I stayed outside for about an hour to see if he would stop. There were some pauses, but the barking was pretty much constant. I came back in during a longer pause (letting him hear me walk in, but I didnt let him see me or interact with him for another 10 minutes) and he didnt start up again. I havent noticed this before, but I dont want to assume this was a one time thing.

Some background
- Ive never heard him bark when Ive left/returned and neighbors say they havent heard him.
- Hes left in a play pen with a puzzle treat, other toys and a bed
- We had just come back from a mile walk plus play time before I put him in the play pen, and he had actually fallen right asleep and didnt notice me leaving
- The TV was on and my other dog was in the room (also sleeping and never barked)
- I never make a big deal when I leave/return and usually ignore the dogs when I return for a while
- Havok never seems anxious when I leave or come back, and is usually laying down or asleep
- At night he sleeps in his crate and during the day if I have to leave or cant directly watch him he is in the playpen (he spends most of his time out of the pen though)

I think thats everything, but please feel free to ask if you need more information. A couple thoughts I had thought of were leaving him in the crate instead of the playpen, or having him sleep in another room (his crate is currently in my bedroom). Do you think either of these would work? Any other ideas? Am I overreacting from one barking session?

Of course I have to include a picture!
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