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Default Interesting problem I had not anticipated owning three Black WD GSDs in my wolf pack

I own two males (13 months) and a female from a Von Forell line (9 months).. I have to choose between two larger males as companions daily to work and about town, or the Bitch Shaka. If any of you are interested, it is an interesting problem I had not anticipated in owning this many GSDs...

On my 30 acre horse property: I have two four month older Males now 13 months, Black GSDs, good lines, but a problem with separating them. They both have to go, or it leads to jealousy fights if one goes or one gets to stay inside.. Being of equal size and brothers (bought one, the other given to me when it needed a new home but both brothers) they growl and fight if separated as if jealous for my attention.

Look, they get along fine when travelling as a pair and living as a team with me being the Alpha Male... But two in my office and in some travels is a bit too much. It comes down to that the civilized dog in my office and in town is the Bitch Shaka. No where near as intimidating as potentially a PPD, but she is short haired where the Dogs are medium (glamour) coats and the dogs shed a bit more and scare people... The two of them is a lot of dogs in my office, both at over 40 kg and maturing.

In a bad area, or travel interstate with my horses, camping in unknown showgrounds? Then the Boys are an undefeatable team.. But round town and day to day common office times and Shaka is far easier to manage... I intend to take the others some days, but Shaka most days to work..

"Caesar" is more dominant, bigger boned, and may take over as Alpha Male of the two but the other is not backing down even though losing the fights. It may not be a problem in the future but right now it is still a challenging the dominance routine. Right now they are too closely matched and battle for my attention. Shaka the Bitch, is smaller and not as much of a deterrent if I am closing the Factory late or opening early at work... The Boys are a bit too much together, for civilization, should I work on the jealousy bit and demand they get along? When Shaka goes into season I will have to bring the Boys or a single Dog like Caesar. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Best regards from Australia. lone Ranger
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