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Default Meeting my mom's dog...

Hi all

I have an almost 6 monthís old pup and she is great but Iíve been struggling with something and I would like to hear your ideaís on the matter.
When she was 12 weeks old she ignored other dogs during walks. When she became 4 months she started barking and lunging towards other dogs (sometimes her shackles go up). She does this because she wants to meet and play with other dogs. Almost all schools here do not let puppyís actually play with each other but they are teached to accept and ignore other dogs in their surrounding so that the attention goes only towards to owner. I agree with this so I donít let her meet and play with other dogs (especially when she lunges and barks during walks). She has to learn to accept and ignore other dogs.


My mother has a 2 year old collie. She is as hyper and friendly as can be. I would like to make an exception with my momís dog because it would be great if they could play together. The problem is Iím scared for letting her meet the collie. Not that she is aggressive or something but she is overly exited especially when seeing other dogs. My mom tried to let her meet and play with a few dogs she met during walks (they put the leash off). Every time the collie showed submissive behavior but the dogs she met were all adult and bigger than her.

Now my question is:

Will the collie scare my 6 month old shepherd because of her overly hyper excitement or because of dominance/aggression? My shepherd weighs more than the collie but she is still a puppy mentally. The last thing I want is that my girl gets traumatized and starts hating other dogs. I tried to let them meet with a fence in between when my girl was 12 weeks. The collie runned like crazy around the fence non stop. When my girl approached the fence the collie started barking and even a quick ďair snapĒ but Iím not sure that was because of her not getting to play with my pup (because of the fence) or because of dominance/aggression.
What do you guys think?

(Sorry if my English is not that good but I tried my best . Iím from Belgium)
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