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That sounds terrible, I was in contact with my breeder from 3 weeks before they were born at LEAST three times a week with updates, pictures and information. At 3 weeks of age we were allowed to come see the puppies, but not touch. 4 weeks of age we could come and see and play with them for the first time. We were after a puppy as a pet, but we created such a close bond with our breeders that we still see them every weekend as they are showing us some obedience and show training themselves.

I would be very disappointed in a breeder if that were the way they handled the situation, the time before pickup is so crucial not only for you to get to know your puppy, but for your puppy to know you too.

In the end it is up to you, but if what's left of the litter is not what you had in mind, i would try again elsewhere.

So sorry you didn't get that amazing build up experience
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