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Do you like the litter? Did you like the breeder when you talked with her initially? Have you communicated your expectations of breeder support to her? She simply can be busy with puppies, she can forget, and I don't think it's a bad sign if the breeder doesn't send constant updates. If she's picking a pup for you based on your requirements then I don't know what else she would need to tell you before that.

I think I got one six-week update about my pup, that's it. The next time I saw the puppy and met the breeder was during picking him up. I was anxious and was prepared to turn around and leave if I didn't like what I saw but you know what, that breeder gave me the best dog I've ever had and ever will.

Do talk with your breeder and ask the questions you have but please don't focus on other people, focus on your puppy and your needs. Remember, the dog you get is way more important than close relationship with his breeder so do focus on the dog.
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