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Default Yelping and can't walk and 5 minutes later is fine

I went outside this morning to feed my 12 week old boy, Ryker. He didn't run straight to the door as usual so I thought something was different. I heard him barking and yelping just around the corner and he limped over to me in excitement, then plonked dowg to the ground. Very restless, but every time he went to stand up he would yelp and drop down again. I had been up an hour prior to this to drop my partner off at work and he was awake and not crying. So I think it possibly may have happened as I was opening the door to greet him.

I called the vet straight away making sure he was laying down so as not to further hurt himself. Within 5 minutes though, its as if nothing ever happened. As we speak, he is outside chasing flies, tail wagging.. haha. No sign of a limp at all. I cancelled the appointment and told them I would call again if anything went wrong again.

Could he have just twisted his ankle slightly? He's booked in for a check up in a few days so I can mention it there if nothing further happens. What do you guys think?
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