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Default Help, Please: Need Immediate Feedback on Breeder

Several months ago, I received suggestions on breeders and decided to go with one who is very well thought of on this forum. After an initial discussion and more research, I was the first to send in my deposit on the litter. I am going to do lots of training with the pup, but don't intend to do schutzhund or show. I had asked for a medium drive dog, not a high drive one.

Since the initial conversation, I have not received one communication from the breeder that she has initiated. I happened to call 3 days after the litter was born and that is how I found out that they were already born. I tried not to make a nuisance of myself and only called her two other times with some questions.

Because 8 weeks was coming up and I hadn't heard anything, on Saturday I called her again. She wrote an email back saying she couldn't speak with me until at least today, and informed me that there are a few female puppies to choose from (large litter). There were pictures from the puppies at about 4 weeks on her website, so on a lark, I checked Flickr this morning to see if there were more recent ones. There were, including pictures of at least 4 or 5 puppies who are clearly with their new owners and have already gone to their new homes.

I received no notification that the puppies were born, not one single update on the progress or status of the litter, no notification that the temperament testing had occurred and that pups were going home already, no information about how to prepare for the pup, what it was fed (this pup has been introduced to raw), no instructions for how to pay for the pup. There has been a complete information black-out. I kept thinking as the weeks passed by that I would finally hear from her right after the temperament testing was done. Wrong.

Can this possibly be typical of how a puppy buyer is treated? Granted, I am across the country and I want a pet, not a competitor, but this breeder also advertises her dogs as pets.

I am so disturbed by this that I don't even know whether to take one of the pups or not. I've lost my faith in this breeder. Please, any advice would be most welcome. Presumably, she will call me soon and I am going to have to know how I am going to respond.


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