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Oh there's plenty of books you can read. None of which I've read to be honest. My first dog that was totally mine was a pound puppy rescue. Nothing really could have prepared me for him. I didn't have access to this board and all I knew was "pet" people. Everything I did with him... if I could go back and do it all over, I would do everything drastically different but unfortunately with him, it likely would have had the same outcome.

I did Animal Behavior College's Obedience Trainer course year before last because I enjoyed dog training so much. With each dog I've had, I've learned more and more and even more with the help of those on this board with more experience than myself. Socialization, distraction training, bonding time. Spend time with your dog learning to read one another. Train under distractions once you train without them to help build the training solidly for various situations. Socialize. New people, new places, new things (SAFETY FIRST!!!). There's more to it but that's basics for any dog. Gotta go get the kids from the bus.

ETA: If you go the purebred route, rescues are good options. If you decide to go the breeder route, make sure you are aware of health checks on hips, elbows, etc. A dog with bad hips or elbows in their future can have a rough time of it.
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