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Originally Posted by dogtoot2 View Post
Yeah I'm still doing research, and I think I have found a few companies that specialize in pet transport. There is no chance I'm going to get one before January (I'm leaving for Christmas break), but before I adopt or buy a dog I'll be sure to have the transportation back worked out. Also do you have any general advice on training dogs?

general advice? don't wing it lol. But seriously, there are tons of videos and articles you can read that can help. Even just training advice, this board is a good source of information with experienced trainers. Learn all you can before you jump in the deep end.

also keep in mind, transportation changes are made often so the best way to keep up on it, get recommendations from others who've had their dogs transported overseas with good experiences. Weather, seasons, etc can all affect whether its safe or not to transport at any given time of the year. Also costs fluctuate. It won't be cheap by any means.
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