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Default My Puppy Won't Eat :/

I have an almost six month old German Shepherd female. Lately, she has been refusing to eat. She gets fed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Some days she eats one meal, some days she eats half a meal, and some days she just refuses to eat at all. We've switched her food twice now and it hasn't helped. (We switched it gradually by mixing the food together). She is currently on blue buffalo wilderness puppy. We also tried putting wet food in with her dry and that didn't help. The only way I can get her to eat is if I feed her food by hand in pieces, because then she thinks that it's treats and not her food. What should I do? We asked her vet and the vet said as long as she isn't losing weight, she'll be okay. But I'm worried that if she isn't eating, she's not going to grow correctly.
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