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Originally Posted by GermanShepParents View Post
My 4 month old puppy has a few red bumps on her belly and redness around her private parts. She is also chewing at her arms and legs. I took her the vet yesterday to receive he rabies shot and included is a check up. I have had her checked 3 times for fleas, and the vets said there are none, however they gave her "revolution" which I believe is to treat for fleas. I asked about the red bumps and was told its common for puppy's to get rashes etc. It didn't answer my question though. I am going to take her to another vet, But I wanted to know if anybody has experienced this and what may be the cause. I have had her on perfomatin puppy chicken hard food for a couple of months now, and shes been fine. My dogs grandparents bought her "wellness" treats which seemed to be okay. However, my sister in law bought 2 different kinds of treats, and If I am correct, it wasn't until she started eating those did she get these bumps. She threw them away, and the puppy hasn't had any for 4 days now. There is no corn or soy in these products. She has also been going to a park, where other dogs are around. I am unsure if maybe my puppy has a food allergy or if it is something outside. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

Since you said your puppy is not having any more bumps after stopping the treats, it could very well be a food allergy. If you still have the bag look at the ingredients. My dog had some chicken allergy a few months back. Which included some small bumps on stomach. We stopped the chicken and bumps went away in a few days to a week.
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