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Default Is a German Shepard right for me?

I'm a teenager currently studying abroad in France (originally from the U.S). I'm staying in a fairly large house with my grandparents who have come to accompany me. That being said I still find myself very lonely. I was thinking a dog would help keep me company and also help distract me from stress of the fact that I'm so far away from home. From there I started thinking about what breed and my first thought was a German Shepard. I'm up every morning at six (three hours before school starts) and have no problem taking him on long walks. The yard is also huge so space to run and play would be no problem. That being said I'm nervous about the training of the dog. I have never trained a dog before and until a few years ago I had a crippling fear of medium-large dogs (I was attacked a few times when I was very young and one of the things that helped me get over that fear was a friend's German Shepard). The fear is pretty much gone now but is a German Shepard too strong-willed of a dog for me? If you think it is what are some other medium/large sized dogs that would be good for me? Maybe more importantly, what tips do you have as to the training of a dog?
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