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Default New from Oregon- GSD Pup + adopted 3 yr old husky (questions too!)

Hello from OR.

Can anyone help me with a question, I registered and paid the 20 bucks so I dont feel like a total free loader when I know I can find these links inside the site for free! But soooo busy with puppy haha! At the bottoms ill list 3 questions , and below ill blabble about who im asking the questions about!! Thanks again.

I have Bear, male 12 week GSD. Ive had since 7 weeks. He sits, downs, fetches well and returns so has basic obedience but i'm new to dog world and learning everyday. He is low temperament most of the day ( Only a few scratches, decent amount playing ). During the evening in his CRAY CRAY phase, when I try to distract him the most he is kinda mean to our new adopted female, I cant tell if mad she wont play or mad at her. He talks loudly to her, barks, and tries to T off.

This last Monday we adopted a the super mellow female husky Jinx I speak of. She is so so patient with him, and seems to hold low stress while doing it, but Bear is a little butt head to her! I crated them 1 by 1 when got her home so they know they are equals and both are allowed same places, all toys are mine so far.. besides small stuff that bear has laying around.

1)Any links / help on how to make this adoptions of Jinx , female husky 3 years old and my baby 12 week male German Shep go smoothly and stress free.

2)Any tips for super crazy 2 hours in evening when Bear is super feisty and I dont want to crate him so soon before bedtime. I hear walks are bad till they are older.. he gets plenty exercise walking around yard?

3)Tired of buying new toy after toy only to retire them since he doesnt like chewing them, and hearing knucklebones, rawhide are bad.. what is a GOOD chew toy that he will LIKE lol... some kinda bone? He loooooooves foood!!! He will do anything for food, and loves raw meat.

4) What kinda of ' working it out ' between the two dogs should I allow. Jinx our new one is very assertive and will growl and snap at bear but not bite, and she only does that when bear gets really over the line in her face. They do cuddle when drive, and sleep close together but not touching. Good most of the day but during disputes both seems a little rude to each other.

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