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Question What age do they "toughen" up?

Sorry for making a post so similar to the others already on this board, just figured it would be better than high jacking someone elses thread.

Anyway, I have a young Male Shep(just under 7 months). Hes a great dog, very friendly, strong drive, loves to play and has been very trainable. But hes a bit skittish. As a puppy he was VERY shy and it took a while for him to warm up to us and his surroundings. He does bark at sounds in the house or strange dogs passing by, ect. But at times he just seems like such a wimp! My parents cat(is a bit aggressive) who has no claws, completely beat up my male shepherd without him doing anything but run and yelp. Mind you this is a 6lb Siamese cat vs a 75lb shepherd. Don't get me wrong I DO NOT want him to attack and kill animals, but I figured at the age he would have more of a defensive response and try to protect himself. It makes me a little worried if a strange dog or person was to attack him or try and enter the home, he would do nothing but run and hide. Does this pass with time?

I'm going to assume that something like Shutzhund training is out of the question for my male? My little female, who is only 9 weeks, is the complete opposite of my male. EXTREMELY out going and brave, very strong drive, but that is expected since she came from a shutzhund bloodline. Is there anything I should be trying to do to help my Male or is it just a puppy phase that will pass? Sorry for the long post, thanks for any help guys!
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