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I agree. It's those small moments where I relax my control that he decides to take matters into his own paws and assert himself. As I said, he wasn't overly excited--not even pilo erected. He was easy to restrain. This kind of behavior --jumping/lunging--happens at the end of controlled encounters. It's as though I relax before he's ready to let things go.

I'm not entirely comfortable with the handyman. When I said that he wasn't terribly methy, I'm pretty sure that he does have some drug issues. I'm not personally threatened by him but he is off.

I had Havoc in a sit stay and when the handyman turned to his car I moved forward toward my house. Havoc lunged in the man's direction and was easily moved into a heel. I'm sure he picked up on my startle when the guy came out of my yard.

But this is not a behavior that I want. Havs needs to understand that when I relax, he needs to relax.
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