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Well, that was awkward.

I took Havoc out for a quick spin around the park this morning. I've been really working with him on his reactivity and obedience with distractions. We had a nice walk, did some obedience, some LAT and no corrections because there weren't any behaviors that warranted a correction.

We had such a nice time that when he wanted to keep going and walk the long way around our cul-de-sac, I indulged him. When we rounded the corner to my house our neighborhood handymen was leaving our yard. Havoc became suspicious. I greeted the guy and he walked toward me with his hand out. I had to tell him to keep his distance.

Havoc was alert and restless. I had him in a sit-stay by my side. The guy asked me, " Does he bite?" and I said "No, but he jumps and he doesn't like people approaching me." We discussed some work and the guy turned away and Havoc lunged. I had him on a short leash and he sat back down. He didn't seem scared, upset or aggressive and it wasn't much of a lunge--just kind of businesslike.

This handyman is a sketchy guy. He's not scary or terribly methy but he's not quite right. Havoc has been fine with both him and his grandson in the past. I think that the fact that this guy startled him by being in his yard and my surprise at his presence (He had rung our front bell about window washing.) made both Havs and I a little off balance. I'm glad that I told him not to approach but it's the first time that I've had to say "Don't touch!"
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