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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
You have to figure they had some adrenalin going. I would apologize profusely and have better control of your dogs. Consider it a wakeup call!

You know your dogs are not aggressive - they did not -their kid is more imporant to them than your dogs. How do you know they did not knock her down in play? What if that had been an older person - I have bone spurs in both shins from being run into by my own dogs.
I get all that,,, but to say "Attacked!" then admit that the daughter was only scared and still call the police saying "Attacked!" Oh **** no!!! Call me a bad owner,,, yell at me about controlling my dogs... say anything you want about me,,, but be honest,,,, don't lie to make it sound worse!!! That's when I snapped and no longer felt the need to be apologetic!!!

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