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Cool yep,, dropped a few "f-bombs" and then some!!

Typical story... I was pushing a wheel barrel through the gate and the dogs made a run for it.... with four dogs already a block away before you could blink,, I grabbed my truck keys and took off after them. They were right around the corner in a yard with a lady standing, my four dogs are two lhasa apsos, a six month old GSD and a two month old Goldendoodle...not an aggressive bone in any of them.....
I hop out of the truck and start to thank her and apologize.... she starts screaming at me, yelling, "ARE THESE YOUR DOGS!?! THEY ATTACKED MY DAUGHTER!!!"
I said, "Attacked? There's no way my dogs attacked anyone... they would never...." Then she said, "well they scared her"
Then the dad comes out yelling at me... threatening to call the police...
I snap!! I go blackout angry on him..... understanding the implications of an accusation of a dog attacking a little girl and knowing this didn't happen... I went off on this guy... it's the closest I've come to smashing someone in the mouth in 15 years... I told him to call whoever he wants, started cussing him up and down.... All the while, I was gathering up the dogs and throwing them in my backseat.... he called the police and i heard him say his daughter had just been attacked by dogs!!!
Long story short... I drove off and the police never came.... I live a block and a half from this turdbucket and his house is on our regular walking route.... don't threaten a man's family! Yes!! My dogs are part of my Family!! I'm just real happy he never came within arms

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