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Drinking lots of water, should I be concerned?

Drinking lots of water, should I be concerned?-imageuploadedbypg-free1360472436.141737.jpgRemington is just over 6 months old and we have gotten on regular schedule of bedtime at 11am and sleeping through the night until we wake him around 6:30 or 7am for work. He grew out of the 2 am pee breaks a while ago and has been able to go through the night with no problem. We tell him to go to crate and give a small tiny treat before we shut it up for the night. The last three nights he has woken up and barked at 4am. We know not to save him but he knows he can get us to come if he really needs us with a serious bark. The first two nights we got up and assumed he must need to go to the bathroom so we open the crate and he went straight to the water bowl and drank for what seemed like forever. He didn't want to go outside he called because he was thirsty. So before our third night of this pattern my husband and I decided to forgo the treat to make sure that wasn't the reason that was making him thirsty. This ended up being the worst night so far. He woke up again at 4ish to drink then he woke us up early at 6 to pee (must have been all that water) so I am posting this on the eve on the 4th night and we will see if this will happen again. I just wanted to through this out there to see if anyone else has seen this before and whether we should be concerned with this. He has no other symptoms that make me think something is wrong, he is a growing puppy probably 65lbs at 6months could this have to do with him being a puppy?

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