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dog put up a great fight at 12 mins but i did not get what was going on at just under 9 mins, did the dog get run off or was that a cease attack thing? my sound card is dead.

the dog did the wall and jumps good right there would be too much for most german shepherds i beleive except the ones in conformation trails who apparently have the correct and superior structure....

he beat that decoy good on the OG

i don't know man the dogs whole overall appearance seemed to me to be one of general disinterest??? was looking all over the place and walking like it was going for a evening walk around the block. did you get that impression???

timed out at around 12 mins, will watch the rest later.

anyhoo done what most gsd's can't or havent't so full credit to the dog, just a question about his attitude as mntioned, whats yr take on it?
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