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My dog is going to kill the cats

I am sure of this now. I am in tears over the situation that just occurred. I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like an absolute failure as a dog owner. I did everything right with introductions, and they never got along...doesnt help that my cats are complete idiots either. Ever since Berlin got scratched in the eye, he's been out for BLOOD. I have baby gates up, the cats have a 'safe haven' etc, I keep Berlin by me when he is upstairs, BUT these incidents still occur, because he literally is a psychopath when he sees/smells/knows where the cats are. They hide under the couch, and he frantically digs at the couch, whines, goes and checks all their spots that they might be in, he literally looks crazy.

Well tonight, I walk upstairs, and one of the cats must have been in the kitchen hiding....Berlin was right by me, and literally in a SPLIT SECOND he is gone, into the frontroom and has chased (and apparently cornered the cat). Well, THIS time he got the cat, and really good, I had to pry the cat from his jaws, and smack berlin on the snout to stun him so he would release the cat (I feel like a monster .....) Well I get the cat, and go to take it upstairs to the gated off area, and the OTHER cat goes running out of the room and jumps OVER the gate and literally INTO the jaws of my dog. WHAT is their problems?!! He got her, but she escaped and ran to under the couch. This all happened in about 2 minutes.

He knows THIS behavior is NOT acceptable. I seriously am at my wits end, I have tried the prong, tried to desensitize, everything, NOTHING works....

And I know tonight was my fault ultimately, for not tethering the dog to me, even though I had only planned to go upstairs for a minute....the cats never come down until we go to sleep. Even if I tether him to me, he will pull me down to chase these cats. After witnessing his behavior toward them tonight, I know he is not trying to play anymore, he wants to kill them.

Ultimately, this cannot go on like this anymore, I cannot tether an adult GSD to me forever whenever I want to go do anything in the house. I also cannot lock him in his crate and keep him away from everyone. I can't control the cats, and confine them to one room (my mothers bedroom) because their food is in the kitchen (although they do eat at night) and their litterbox is downstairs as well. They come and go as they please, but Berlin is relentless in his attempts to get them.

I am seriously afraid I am going to have to re-home him, as my mother WILL not give the cats up.

Any advice, is truly appreciated.

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