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Bloody Stool

Hello everyone.
We are having a medical issue with our ~7 year old GSD Fahn and I was wondering if you could give us any advice.

He has had bloody stool off and on for about 6 months now. It stared out solid with just a little bit of blood streaked through it back in the states and the vet gave us metronidazole and it went away. Two months ago my job took us to South Korea and about one month ago it came back. We took him to an american vet here and they tried the same thing as the vet in the states but it just got worse. With each bowel movement his stool started out solid and became watery and very red and bloody by the end of the movement. Eventually it turned straight liquid and bloody. The American vet tested him for bacteria and found a lot in him and suggested that we get him some Forta Flora but before we got it in the mail we decided to take him to a Korean animal hospital because he stopped eating and drinking. The American vet recommended this place because she did not have the higher end capabilities that the hospital does. He stayed at the hospital for 5 days while he got tests, x-rays, IV fluid and an endoscopy. They found and removed two small pieces of some substance they could not identify in his large intestine and they sent him home with us.

His stool was blood free for a few days but was discolored and soft due to the medicines and liquid nutrients he had been receiving. His diet consisted of soft foods such as broth and rice to build his system back up and keep him from getting sick. We gradually introduced his regular food back into his diet and the blood came back once his stool started to harden again about a week after returning from the vet. We stopped giving him his dog food and switched brands and started cooking rice and chicken for him about a week ago. We decided to give it a few days to let the old food completely leave his system but it never cleared up and just got worse today. It is still just a little bit of blood but tonight the last little squirt of stool was watery and red tinted again.

We were giving him Blue Buffalo before this all started and we are now giving him a mix of Nutro Natural Choice and cooked rice, eggs and boiled chicken.

Has anyone seen anything like this before or heard of any issues with either dog food? We wanted to see if there is anything else we should do before we put him through 5 more days of no eating and drinking in the hospital. We are so worried about him and no one here seems to know what to do.

P.S. He has not been vomiting or showing any other signs besides when we took him to the vet because he stopped eating and drinking.
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