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Default Comfortis vs Revolution?

I have used Comfortis in the past with huge success (totally squashed an entire infestation in the house and yard in about two weeks). However, and this is a couple of years later, I used it last month and am still fighting fleas. Not an infestation by any means, but I still find one or two crawling on Oscar and its been below 40 degrees for a while. Granted we dont get deep freezes here, but sheesh. We are fighting heartworms and I am worried about Oscar eating the new fleas and reexposing himself to other worms that he has been treated for. We also found our first tick today! Yuck!!

My mom has suggested Revolution, which to my understanding is topically applied instead of orally. I havent had success with topicals like Frontline down south where a deep freeze doesnt kill the majority of bugs yearly, but wanted to know if Revolution was a better repelent?

I havent been able to contact my vet yet about this, as I am also curious whether I can use Comfortis while in the middle of Immiticide treatments. DH do/pu'd the pup last time for the first overnight treatment and forgot to get another Comfortis pill. I'll probably go up to the vet sometime this week to confer about it. Just wanted others thoughts on it.

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