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Question Tracking: Keeps on going...

So I started to track again with Kono. She basically forgot everything so I restarted from the beginning since she didn't get to far into tracking training anyway. I placed bait in each footstep. 40 paces. The footsteps weren't too far away from each other, and I place a pile of meat at the end.

I start her from the beginning and she kept her head down, she only missed a few pieces of meat. She got off track only once but then quickly got back. *But at the end of the track she eats the pile of food and I praise her! I move the leash from under her leg and then try to walk away from the track. Kono on the other hand thinks there is more to track and keeps sniffing. She just keeps walking. I don't know if she is smelling a different smell or if she is just looking for food or what. How do I get her to know that this is the end of the track and that she should lift her head and walk away? I tried talking to her in a happy voice saying good girl. Lets go! but nothing.

Any suggestion?
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