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My crack puppy, LOL!

Grim sometimes acts like a whirling dervish! He can't concentrate (because his cat is gay, lol!) with all that energy in him. He's literally just going from thing to thing... grabs stuff he knows he shouldn't have. He'll drop it, then move on to something else. He'll check out the kitchen table (up close and personal) to see if he can get into something there. If I call his name, he'll usually look at me...sometimes come running to me and jump on me to lick my face. Then, he's off again! If I manage to tell him to 'sit' or something, he'll go running out of the room either vocalizing at me or with a bark. He's a NUT!

OK- now don't lecture on 'house manners' because he's usually pretty good about that. Much better than he was. However.. when the mood strikes him ( a couple times a day usually) he starts acting like a maniac. One day, he won't do this anymore. One day, he'll move slowly with a grey face. Right now, I'm enjoying him being a puppy. Even a crack puppy. Too many rules for a full of life young boy puppy isn't a good thing IMO. My wife sometimes gets irritated with him when he's in this 'zone'. Sometimes she's like me with it. Which is I smile and keep re-directing him and picking up things he got into... literally following his 'path of destruction'... laughing inside at his antics and the look in his eyes. He's having such a good time! He lopes around, head and tail up high... you can feel the thrill he's feeling. I love my boy. His puppy hood will soon be over. Right now, I'm enjoying how full of life he is. I enjoy watching his eyes shine, and the wheels turning in his mind. When I think he's had enough of being a trouble making turkey and he's settled into a toy or antler I remember that time with them is so short.... I wish he could live so much longer. It makes the 'rules' seem so much less important at this moment. So I let him have his little 'spurts', and I'm thankful.

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