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poor conditions of 'rescue' home

My friend runs a (I don't want to be specific here)large dog breed rescue out of her home. On the few times I have been there, I noticed that her own 4 breed specific dogs were confined to an 10 x 8 patio deck that had such a large amount of feces that there was no clean 10 inch square area for the dogs to walk. Although I know all 4 dogs by name, and they are friendly, I assumed that she simply put them out when company came over as a rule for convenience sake.

When I had opportunity to follow her to the basement, I noticed that all of the rescue dogs kept there were in wire crates, and were let out, one at a time on leash in the unfenced yard only long enough to go potty, then they were locked up again.

They did not run or play or socialize, nor were they taken on walks, etc. Perhaps I was misunderstanding the situation, but it seemed to me that their lives were poor indeed. Thinking it was a short term situation, I didn't say anything. But now, 6 months later, the same dogs are there, and in the same conditions, many unable to hold their bladders. As are her pet dogs.

I tried to talk to her about the situation, but she has health problems and is not very mobile. A simple walk is painful for her. She seemed offended that I would get involved in something that is none of my business.

What can I do? My interaction with my service dog is constant. We are almost inseperable. I look into her eyes and I can't help but think about the situation in that house 10 miles away. If I call ASPCA, she will know it was me. She rarely has people over, and knows my dog is more of a friend than a pet to me, and thinks I am overly attentive to her wants/needs as it is.

Advice please!

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