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Whining and other forms of leaking?

Hi everyone,

So, I am gearing up to buy my next pup.

My current dog was the first dog I owned. In the 3 years I've owned him we both learned a ton about schutzhund - he learned how to be an IPO dog (getting our IPO2 in the spring if all goes well) and I learned a ton about handling, engagement, bite work, helper work on and on.

He was purchased as a pet, but luckily did very well on the training field. Outgoing, confident, medium drive, and once he hit 2.5 years old he started bringing some nice aggression. Biddable, can handle pressure from handler and/or helper, and is a super pet as well

Anyway, the one thing I could never fix is whining. He was a whiner from the start. Teaching containment helped but did not completely remove the problem.

At home, on the field, he'll whine. Not 24/7. I don't want to paint a picture of a dog that wakes up whining and none stop until he sleeps. Overall he is mellow at home, can turn it up for obedience and protection, and can turn it off when needed.

But the whining. I HATE IT!!! It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

As I'm gearing up to buy a puppy FOR schutzhund I understand the drive levels may be higher. And with that, I think I'll need to teach containment earlier rather than later...

Can I get some advice? How do you stop the whining? It's difficult to correct.
Ex: long down. He'll never break it, but may whine the whole time unless we did the routine first. I tried to correct it , and tried to reward quiet correct down.

I think, we all know dogs that simply leak all over the place. I know some of it is training and some genetic. I often see comments like "I do not tolerate leaking be it barking or whining or other form (shaking etc)" - but how exactly do you "not tolerate it"? What techniques worked for you?

P.S. here's the lineage. Like I said, I did not know much about GSDs at the time and was duped by being presented the mother's pedigree as a mating test for him (but that's neither here nor there) so he's mostly pet / BYB "lines" on father side but decent on the mother's side:

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